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What Lies Ahead for 2015? EU perspective John Lisman, LLM, MPharm Advocate/Attorney Lisman Legal Life Sciences, BV DIA Global Forum Regional Editor Europe Two themes are very important in an sustainability of the current health outlook on 2015 from the perspective care systems in EU member states. of the EU: financial sustainability This has led and will lead to a focus of the health care on cost containment in “There should be a system and changes the area of medicinal balance between the to the perspective of products and medical price and the value of the patient. devices. a medical product.” More than in many other regions in the world, in the EU member states the costs of health care – including the cost of medicines – are paid from collective funds. In systems based on solidarity, which prevail in Europe, high prices or high costs have to be paid from taxpayers’ money or by health care insurers. This is the reason for concern in respect of the 58 Vol 7 Issue 2 Therefore in Europe – as is forecast for the US – the influence of payers is high and will continue to be high. More and more, marketing authorization holders will be required to prove the added value of their products before reimbursement will be provided or premium prices will be accepted. To prove this added value during the clinical development,