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Global Forum | April 2015 A Perspective from India: Commentary on “What Lies Ahead 2015” Professor Ranjit Roy Chaudhury National Professor of Pharmacology and Chairman Task Force for Research Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi DIA Global Forum Regional Editor for India This article gives an overview of the activities in India in the field of drugs, clinical trials and research in relation to the trends regarding what lies ahead in 2015. The activity which is going to influence both the first trend – particularly research on observational studies and in comparative effectiveness of therapeutic agents and the second trend on clinical data transparency – are the ongoing changes being brought about in the drug regulatory system of the country. Already certain rules have been changed by government notification while other recommendations of the Dr. Ranjit Roy Chaudhury Expert Committee Report ( Report_of_Dr_Ranjit_Roy.pdf) are being implemented. These changes are being avidly followed both by industry and academia both of whom have generally been satisfied with the changes introduced. You Need to Know 61